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Is this software free?

Yes, you can use Schedule NurseⅢ at no cost. Note its stage is neither alpha nor beta, in production now.

I have a question.

Please send your question to the support.

I found a bug

Your feedback is always welcome. Please send the project file that repeats the issue.

I want to distribute the software?

No, you can not distribute the software. The users can download it only from the official release site.

What is the goal of ScheduleNurseⅢ?

We are bridging the gap between the benefits of academics and creating practical automated work schedules. We offer our source codes to the people who want to buy state-of-the-art rostering/scheduling solvers for IT companies.

I would like to buy your solver’s source code.

Schedule NurseⅢ consists of two parts, GUI(C#) and the solution engine(C++).The solution engine is our intellectual property with patents. GUI shows how to use the solver, though it has been an actual application in Japan for seven years. You can purchase either or both codes with one-year technical support.

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