A Free, Fast nurse scheduling solver for complicated shift/task rostering.


We are following academic benchmarks per the following link.
Conflict Analysis is essential when you develop constraints. Because we human being always mistakes, which results in no solution because of conflicting hard rules. Conflict Analysis reports what is conflicting.
When the Solver finds that no better solution exists, i.e., finds optimum value, the Solver terminates automatically. When the Solver finds the solution does not exist, the Solver reports unsatisfactory.
Schedule Nurse3 allows you to import from Excel and export to Excel.
The Solver should show a feasible solution within a few seconds, at least a few tens of seconds in a nominal situation. The solving speed is essential for interactive use.
Github Gallery enables the developers to share the project. It might be simpler than writing constraints from scratch.
Schedule Nurse3 allows you to set the number of solutions you want. Once you get the solution, you can get them consecutively.
Schedule Nurse3 allows you to process python3 after you get the solution.
Our experience shows 90%users do not need to use Python because of its powerful GUI capability in our experience. To address a few exceptional cases, we prepared built-in python3 for programming the constraint.
Almost all the constraints can become soft constraints with arbitrary positive integer weight. You can change the value easily for another solution.