A state-of-the-art Scheduling Solving Engine Source Code on sale now

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Schedule Nurse III is a state-of-the-art optimization tool designed from the ground up to exploit modern architectures and multi-core processors for staff rostering problems. It consists of several state-of-the-art patented algorithms.

Schedule Nurse III holds several world records in academic benchmarks. It is the fastest solver in almost all test instances. Furthermore, it is also practical and reliable. Over the past seven years, we have become a well-trained solver with accumulated know-how on user requirements by meeting the demands of Japanese job sites with very complex constraints.

We sell 20,000 lines of C# codes as an example of application and how to use the solver, and entire 200,000 lines of C++ solver’s source code, including state-of-the-art algorithms. We designed algorithms independently so that customers can call a combination of algorithms or a single one.

The Best Performance Solver Available

Please see benchmark programs results, classical nurse scheduling benchmarks, new nurse scheduling benchmarks, First Nurse Scheduling Competition’s instances, and Second Nurse Scheduling Competition’s instances.

Straightforward Licensing and Pricing

Licensing is perpetual. Please quote it to the support, but it will be less than one year’s salary of R&D engineer.

Outstanding Support

We treat support as a core part of our offering. Since technology transfer is the key to your success, we include one-year technical support with E-mail, online tools, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet.

Experience It for Yourself

You can download the GUI application(including the solver) instantly and install it in a minute. It has all the commercial version features and has no expiration date. So please feel free to evaluate it as much as you like. There is a paid option, SDK for AWS lambda, but the entire source code includes AWS lambda, so you do not have to buy the AWS option.

Application configuration examples

Desktop application

The GUI that calls the solver can immediately become your application, replacing messages initially in Japanese and porting to English. It is easy to port your language. We have written GUI with C# Visual Studio 2019 and used one commercial library, Syncfusion.

Web application

You can implement the solver as AWS-Lambda. In that case, the part corresponding to the previous desktop GUI will be your web application and needs to refurbish the software. We have written the solver with C++ in Visual Studio 2019, which is compatible with GCC. Furthermore, we include Linux sources for AWS-Lambda. so your developing cost of AWS-Lambda will be almost negligible.

Enhancing your existing web application as a second solver

If you are already solving work schedule applications using genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, etc., you may sometimes lack speed, optimization accuracy, the power in your solver in a word. What we would like to propose as a solution, in this case, is to implement the solver as AWS-Lambda. Of course, replacing it all at once is risky, but enhancing it with a new solver for large, complex, and challenging problems will surely improve your company’s reputation.

Enhancing your existing MIP solver

Our solver is for nurse scheduling problems. However, the nurse scheduling problem is also a subproblem in a vast combinational optimization problem that involves extensive scheduling. As we have already shown in benchmark tests, existing MIP solvers are not at the top of the list for the usual and common scheduling problems. Nevertheless, some of the algorithms used in our solvers may provide hints to improve the performance for scheduling problems and a wide range of combinational optimization problems.

Requirements for developments

  1. GUI:Visual Studio 2019 C#,commercial library required; Syncfusion desktop winforms. Delivery as your product: code signing(digital signature).
  2. Solver:Visual Studio 2019 C++, GCC for Linux. no commercial libraries required. AWS-acount required.


This software uses several patents held by sugawara-systems. The patent rights are valid in Japan. The user may freely edit and modify this software, but this does not mean that we transfer patent rights to you. In the general case, you may sell your product incorporating this software outside Japan, but not in Japan. For other issues, please feel free to constact us.

A limited-time offer

Please be aware that this campaign may end within a finite period of time. as our support resources are finite and we cannot support many companies.

Application Example Scheduling Solver SC3 for AWS Lambda

■ It’s a lambda function version in AWS for the solution engine(Solver) in Schedule Nurse Ⅲ.

■ Schedule Nurse III is a desktop application. It consists of two parts. One is the user interface part (C#), and another is the engine part (C++).

■ GUI creates problem.json at solving. alt

SC3-Lambda Engine’s input /output

■ The Solver returns the solution as the result of the solving process. alt

Relation to your Application


Application Forms

■Your application will be a web-application.

■We show two scenarios, Form1 and Form2.


■Deploy our SC3 Lambda Engine and optional DynamoDB in a dedicated account of your AWS account. alt

■No need to use API-Gateway. The SC3 lambda engine and your application can communicate each way without it.

Form2 Use API-Gateway

■You must access all the resources via the API-Gateway. If your Application is outside of AWS, you need to apply this configuration.

■The SDK also provides the following configuration as a reference, but our license policy is the SC3 Lambda Engine only. alt

■Other resources, such as API GATEWAY, STEP FUNCTION, DynamoDB, S3, etc., must be implemented and managed by your side.

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