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System Requirements

In order for Schedule Nurse Ⅲ to run properly it must be installed on a system which meets or exceeds the following requirements.

  • Windows: Microsoft Windows 11 64-bit
  • Internet connection: Required for on-line tutorials/manuals
  • Processor: Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or AMD equivalent.
  • Disk: At least 4 GB free hard disk space for installation.
  • RAM: 4GB (16GB recommended)


Release Histories

Release Date Version Description
Apr.04.2023 174A GUIs:
1)Add a batch test for release checks.
Apr.02.2023 173A GUIs:
1)Add a Equal Count Constraint in row constraints.
2)Improved Excel formatted output.
3)Obsolete Excel import.
Fixed a bug,SoftSeqComp.
Mar.22.2023 172A GUIs:
1)Add file history.
2)Inhibit empty members on shift/task aggregates.
Mar.11.2023 171A GUIs:
1)Fixed a bug on shift aggregates.
2)Add link checks on deleting items.
Feb.28.2023 170A GUIs:
1)Fixed a bug on shift aggregates.
2)Change automatic feature on macro function with Excel.
3)Add a sanity check on the range of row/column constraints.
4)Restore tutorial link.
5)Dialog appearance changed to middle button for day and group properties.
Feb.15.2023 169A GUIs:
1)AddSoft in python levels upto 99.
2)Add automatic feature on macro function with Excel.
3)Fixed a shift label insertion bug.
4)Hybrid mode solution name changed.
JAN.27.2023 168A GUIs:
1)Fixed a bug task comparing between input and the solution.
2)Change background color in hybrid mode.
3)Change frozon cols in shift aggregates.
JAN.15.2023 167A GUIs:
1) Add a function “Add multiple lines” in date aggregates.
2) Fixed a bug regarding Date Aggregate’s use
3) Add Operator in Date Aggregates, -8,-9,-10.
4) Add Shifts/Tasks Solution view.
5) Support a compare in task view between input and solution.
6) Add a Shift in column constraints.
7) Add a sanity check for group aggregates.
8) Fixed a function “Add multiple line” in group aggregates.
9) Fixed heights on row/column/pair constraints.
10) Fixed a bug disappering problem when writing constraints.
1) Fixed a bug for date aggregate’s use.
2) Add a shift on column constraints.
Dec.31.2022 166A GUIs:
1) Add a sanity check for column cardinality constraintsmproved sanitry checks on GUI.
2) Improved copy operations for day aggregates.
3) Add a tooltip on cardinality table on task schedule.
4) Obsolete implict_hard_to_soft_enable.
5) Improved copy operations on row/column/pair constraints.
6) Support difference between schedules and solution on phase objects.
7) Fixed help dialog problem.
8) Spec.changed for Not operator.
9) Forced every staff for NoTaskVar if used.
10) Fixed a bug for python soft disable function on solving.
11) Truncate Past history on schedules.
12) Add a sanity check for phase definition.
13) Auto fit for excel output on cardinality constraints.
1) Fixed problem on soft scheduling inputs on Algorithm 3/2.
2) Fixed problem on column cardinality constraints.
1) Reduced.
Dec.01.2022 165A Improve lock function on schedule input.
Disabled constant operation.
Oct.30.2022 162A Updated digital signature.
Oct.20.2022 161A Change the download file. Change Algorithm1/3. (Change the initial solver.)
Update Highs 1.2.2 on Algorithm2.
Add a message dialog on exit.
Change a header format on a solution.
Sep.17.2022 160A Fixed a minor flaw in Excel output.
Aug.21.2022 159A Add extensional function for phase/phase_objects/phase_aggregates/task aggregates. Add SeqSoftComp in python.
Jul.17.2022 158A Add All Exports to Excel. Fixed bugs of phase mode and scheduled cardinality display. Change csv file names. Change windows titles.
Jul.08.2022 157A Improved GUI. Add a checkbox on python_post_operation.
Jul.06.2022 156B Improved GUI.
Jun.23.2022 155A Change form Python3.6 to Python 10.5. Enabled print(), pdb support with GUI debugger.Build-in Pywin32
Change CSV format for task output view output. Separated process for post operation.
May.22.2022 154A Improved Task View. Improved Algorithm 3.
May.16.2022 152A Change stabilization method in Algorithm 3.
Apr.26.2022 151A Fixed typo. Improved error handling.
Apr.19.2022 150A Improved Excel output. Implicit soft column ->default off. Hard/Soft final timeout ->default 20sec.
Apr.18.2022 149A Fixed a bug for digitized group in python. Add min/max checks in row constraints. Change Excel drawing method.
Apr.13.2022 148A Fixed a bug for switched shift view. Improved display of error position. Fixed a typo error.
Apr.10.2022 147A Add feature of making tutorial projects. Improved display of error position.
Apr.09.2022 145A Fixed Installation Problem(date-holidays.json)
Apr.08.2022 144A Improve Installation Problem(date-holidays.json)
Apr.08.2022 143A Improved Error Message.
Apr.02.2022 141A Fixed a bug for switched view. RemoveWhiteSpace to Trim.
Feb.23.2022 139A Fixed Algorithm 3 bug. Improved switching to shift/task views.
Feb.18.2022 138A Improved Algorithm 3
Feb.02.2021 134A Improved Algorithm 4
Jan.17.2021 133D Fixed National Holiday Calendar
Jan.17.2021 133B Fixed Japanese Holiday Calendar
Dec.09.2020 132D Fixed install problem.
Dec.07.2020 132B Fixed Rep2..Reg13 in DayAggregates.
Dec.04.2020 131F Fixed 131E problem on AL4.
Dec.03.2020 131E Fixed download link.
Dec.01.2020 131D Remove Japanese in installation.
Nov.25.2020 131C Addressed to Github files larger than 1MB.
Nov.24.2020 131A Initial Engilish Version
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