New INRC2 4weeks Data Projects

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Inspired by the following paper, we again took data on all the instances in the paper. It describes CPEX found no exact solution for all the instances even after 24 hours of the run.
ScheduleNurse3 obtained an exact solution on almost all instances in the paper.
Mathematical Models and a Late Acceptance Fix-and-Optimize Approach for a Nurse Rostering Problem (

Load Project

The best solution data with the competition format and a validator’s generated objective value are located in the same folder.

View Cover Constraint Data

Right Click per fig. below.
Select “Insert All”

View Row Constraint Data

Right Click per fig. below.
Select “Insert Columns All”

The yellow marked portion shows the soft constraint is violating.

Switch to Shift View

The view is Task View. To switch Shift View, Right Click on any portion of right pain.

Shift Schedule Input View

Task Schedule Input View

The view is Shift Schedule View. To switch Task Schedule View, do the same as above.

You may notice some cells have gray frames, which are soft constraint level 1 color. You can also change soft constraint level as you like.

Solve it!


The current version can not output the competition formatted solution. If you need to output it, please get in touch with us.